Why I'm Running for Drupal Association Re-election

Submitted by matthew on Sun, 2016-02-28 13:23

Vote in the Drupal Association ElectionsThis is the first in a series of posts I'm going to write leading up to the Drupal Association elections. I had a funny chat with a supporter a day or two ago. It went something like this:

So you thought, "I have too much free time. I need to become a board member." LOL You are a more patient person than me, good sir. You have my vote.

The truth is, I don't find it a position where I need a ton of patience any more than a coder needs a ton of patience when putting together a module, or an information architect when creating wireframes, or a sales person making calls to drum up business. I believe in service, contribution, and the greater good. We should all give where our strengths lie. I've spent most of my professional life managing software projects, managing non-profits, and engaging in good governance with and on non-profit boards.

Drupal has supported my family for the better part of a decade. It is deeply rooted in my identity now. Some of my best friends, supporters, and colleagues have come from this community. You have supported me, and I want to continue to support you.

While I started experimenting with Drupal in 2006 it really became the way I've earn my living in 2007. When I started participating in the community, first by attending meetups but later by making presentations, evangelizing, contributing a bit to documentation, engaging in governance discussions for the community, and helping organize events, what I gave came back double. This deepened my commitment to the community as a whole. When I've had challenges, suggestions and help are only as far away as an IRC client, skype, or slack.

What have I done in service to the community?

  • Member of the Drupal Association
  • Helped organize and run Meetups in Boulder from 2007 through 2009
  • Helped with documentation
  • Contributed to discussions on governance and marketing
  • Was on the local committee for Drupalcon Denver and became a Volunteer Wrangler and the Customer Service Wrangler
  • Helped organize and volunteered at Drupalcamp Colorado - starting with the second camp
  • Keynoted at Drupalcamp Austin
  • Presented at Camps, Cons, and Meetups
  • Blogged on the business of Drupal
  • Evangelized the adoption of Drupal
  • Two years on the Drupal Association Board

Re-election would allow me to continue to bring to bear the many years of experience I have with non-profits and with boards. I want to continue and finish up the work I've started.

I hope that you plan on voting in the elections and that you'll consider me as someone that can represent your interests. Please tweet, Facebook, and Google+ these posts. I need as much help as I can get to spread the word! I also need your vote.

My next blog post will talk about my experience and how they would inform my continued efforts as a board member of the DA.

If you would like me to remind you to vote come election day, please signup here: http://eepurl.com/bQ7P5T


Photo by the League of Women Voters of California under a Creative Commons License.
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