Questions from Meet the Candidates Session 3 - DA Elections

Submitted by matthew on Mon, 2012-09-24 23:26

The following are the new questions that emerged from Session 3 of the DA Elections "Meet the Candidates". I didn't attend that session but thought a few short answers would be good to share. If you want to go back, you can read my original answers.

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1) simesy_: I'm interested in what the other candidates think about Narayan as a candidate who will fill the gap of having infrastructure representation on the board.

I know Narayan quite well from the days. He brings a thoughtfulness and intelligence to every project, conversation, and challenge he faces. I said in Session 2's questions:

The board can include anybody who is active in the community and has a desire to serve. It isn't a matter of should or should not, it is a matter of interest in furthering the mission of the Drupal Association and wishes to engage in good governance. I do think having a presence either on the board and/or the advisory board is attractive.

Narayan would fill the current gap nicely and would be easy to work with.

2) pcambra: What would be the best way to improve the relationship between the DA and the local communities to build better and bigger events?

There are two questions here really - one is the notion of building "bigger and better events" and the other has to do with the relationship that the DA has with communities.

I'm not sure that we want much larger events but we might want more them. The events themselves have become large enough that they have lost some of the personal feel they had when they were a little smaller.

That said, anything that strengthens the relationship of the DA with the community is good. Strong bonds are created through transparency and open communication. The DA has a responsibility to reach out to local communities across the globe and to work with them in service of the project and the people who make push the project forward. This could take the form of scholarships, funding Drupal days, helping with local meetups, engaging local groups to host camps, and ultimately for cities and towns to host Drupalcons.

I rather like the TEDx model, where local groups can create their own mini-conferences in the image of the TED conference. The Drupal Association could be central in creating just such a toolbox.

3) HornCologne: Do you think the DA should work more closely with Dries to make sure that initiatives for Drupal 9 are funded and therefore on time and successful?

This is an awful grey area. I think the DA could fund educational opportunities - camps, learning sprints, Drupal Days, and initiatives like Drupal Ladder. These could serve as rallying points where Initiative Sprints could run in parallel. Long and short, as I understand it, we can fund educational opportunities but not building the software itself.

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