Questions From Meet the Candidates Session 2 - Drupal Association Elections

Submitted by matthew on Sun, 2012-09-23 19:16

I didn't participate in the second session, but I did want to give a few short answers on the questions asked. If you want to read my answers from session one, they are available here. I'll do the same for sessions three and four in the next couple of days..

1) nnewton: Should the Infra team be represented on the (governance) board or the advisory board. Or both?
(but anyone can answer if they have a view)
The board can include anybody who is active in the community and has a desire to serve. It isn't a matter of should or should not, it is a matter of interest in furthering the mission of the Drupal Association and wishes to engage in good governance. I do think having a presence either on the board and/or the advisory board is attractive.

2) highermath: What should be the number one goal of the Board?
Growing the community and attracting new young members.

3) highermath: What should be the relationship between the Board, the ED and the staff.
See Question 7

4) KatteKrab: In 2012 the DA was trying to achieve 6 goals as outlined here Which one in particular would you champion?
Drupal in Schools. This serves two directions I think that the DA ought to be working towards. First, growing the community. Second, attracting new young members of the community.

5) jthorson: What specific initiatives would you suggest as a DA board member, to help drive growth of the Drupal community in new regions and communities which may not currently be represented?
See Question 3

6) ChrisChinchilla: How would you engage new users who are passionate about Drupal but aren't developers?
I've spent the last 6 years as just that person. I have watched over the years a slow shift at Drupalcons and Camps to cater to business leaders, project managers, and site users. We need to continue integrating tracks into these events that helps non-developers to become Drupal experts in their own domains.

7) mortendk: Who would you vote on - if you had to choose 2 of the others?
See Question 10

8) nnewton: How do you feel volunteer positions fit into the vision of an ED/board/staff split in the DA? What happens when volunteers overlap with staff positions?
Volunteers are what make up the entire Drupal project. Those who take on staff positions are likely to be invested in the project and be volunteers as well. I know, from working with the staff of the DA, on Drupalcon Denver that they put in many more hours than one would expect from a full time job. Most nonprofits rely on volunteers to achieve the nonprofit's mission. The fact that the project has so many active volunteers is a testament its success.

9) bertboerland: What makes the Drupal Association successful?The DA's success is really rooted in a few things.

  • Successful Events that Make Profit
  • Growth of our user base
  • Growth of our active community

It all comes down to people.

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