My Top 10 Reasons This BADCamp is GLADCamp

Submitted by matthew on Fri, 2012-10-05 01:37

Number 1 - A New Camp for Me
In just a few weeks I'll be headed out to Berkley with Trellon. I'm proud that Trellon is a core sponsor. I became an individual sponsor. While I've attended camps in Denver and Austin, this will be my first BADCamp. Everything I've heard about the camp leads me to the belief it will be amazing. I'm very much looking forward to attending.

Number 2 - Presenting (I hope)
I'm involved with more proposals for presentations of any Camp or Con I've attended thus far. This is really exciting to me. I hope that you'll take the time to vote them up so we'll be able to share things we've learned recently, things that we've created, and how my experiences as a process geek has helped the team approach projects. You have until October 8th. So, what session proposals am I involved with?

    Do you often think about making your mobile Drupal website friendly for smartphones? Or have you already started to build a Drupal mobile application using MAG (Mobile App Generator) module and PhoneGap? If the answer to either of these questions is yes, you should attend this session!

    This session will present 8 things you can do with CRM Core to manage contact relationships and accelerate your site development. We will also focus on ways you can extend it to handle use-cases specific to your business needs.

    Project management requires a blend of techniques and tools to effectively shepherd projects from ideation to release. We'll explore and discuss different tools and methodologies that can help make your project successful.

Number 3 - Fellowship and Community
I have so many friends and colleagues from around the world attending this Camp, I think it is going to feel more like a Drupalcon from several years ago. I saw many of them in Munich just recently, but this will be a treat. I'll have the chance to spend time learning what other people and companies are working on. I'll be able to cross pollinate.

Number 4 - The Team
Trellon is a distributed team. I have few opportunities to spend face time with the team. Camp offers me the opportunity to spend time and work more closely with members of the company. I'll be able strategize and plan with Leadership. I'll meet one team member face to face I haven't had the chance to rub elbows with yet even though we work together most days.

Number 5 - Sessions and BOFs
I don't spend as much time in Sessions and BOFs as I used to, but I nearly always find a few gems that surprise, delight, and educate me. I generally love the Keynotes.

Number 6 - Absorbing Ideas
I've been involved in planning Drupalcamps in Colorado since 2007. I love going to other events and seeing how they do things. This, of course, isn't limited to just Drupalcamps. Other events also serve as a way to adjust and adapt what I do.

Number 7 - Ambassadorship and Evangelizing
Attending Drupalcons and Camps give me the opportunity to talk with new people to the community. I'm able to learn how others are spreading the word of Drupal. These learnings go out with me to technology meetups, when I'm talking with potential clients, and when I discuss what I do with friends (new and old). In short, attending Camps and Cons makes me better at being an Evangelist.

Number 8 - Drupal
Drupal itself had to be one of the reasons. The platform has helped feed my family for the last six years. Anything that helps strengthen the software and the community that supports the platform makes me incredibly happy. The fact that this camp draws so many attendees who range from new-comers to veteran core developers is a huge plus.

Number 9 - Berkley
I simply love the city. Berkley is wonderful. It has amazing restaurants. The parks are fabulous. The arts scene is unbelievable. In short, it is a diverse and multicultural wonderland.

Number 10 - The Drupal Association
This could be the first event I attend as an incoming board member for the Drupal Association. You can help make this happen by VOTING FOR ME if you haven't already voted. Basically there is the weekend left before the election closes. I think I've made a compelling argument that my experience with Non-profits, Boards, Drupal, and the Community would make an ideal At Large member. Besides which, I want to serve.

So that's it. This is GLADCamp for me because of learning and fellowship. Because of multiculturalism and evangelism. Finally I hope this camp has me glad because I attend as a presenter and as an incoming board member to the Drupal Association.
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