My Professional Journey

Submitted by matthew on Wed, 2012-11-28 00:08


Six months ago or so I joined Trellon after a long stint with I enjoyed the transition being the primary Project Management resource, Tech Team Lead, and liason to the Executive Committee on a single large project to CTO at a small development shop. The developers at Trellon are top notch and I want to thank them for making me feel welcome, taking my advice, and I'd like to believe coming out of the experience able to work just a bit more efficiently. I was recruited into the fold by Morbus Iff - truly a disembodied brain. Thanks Morbus, I appreciate it.

The Project Management Team of Stuart Broz and Avram Sand have been a pleasure to spend time with. I think the three of us did a great job of increasing efficiencies through use of best project management practices during my tenure. The Tech Leads - Chang Xiao, Fabian Franz, and Michael Priest - have shown terrific thinking through technical challenges in projects with creativity. I'll think back and smile about Munich - getting to know Artem, Vadim, and Vlad. John and Gil - my hopes are that you continue to grow as developers in your tenure with Trellon.

Finally, I want to take the opportunity to say thank you to Mike Haggerty and Bob White for allowing me to join the Leadership Team. I do hope that my contributions have and will continue to help the organization grow and evolve.

What Next?

  • Starting this week I've joined 5 Rings Web as COO working for my good friend Lindsay Ogden.
  • In a couple of days I'll be participating in a Lullabot podcast - I'll write about that after it is available to listen to.
  • I'm talking with Trellon for consulting engagements.
  • I'm going to be focusing on Vintage Digital LLC a little more. The team have started working on a new look and feel for the Website. Work there is pretty brisk - so I'll be putting in some extra time.
  • I'll be finishing out a motorcycle parts website I've been working on in the evenings.

I'm looking forward to this continued journey.

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