Lullabot Podcast on Project Management

Submitted by matthew on Fri, 2012-11-30 12:26

When I was at BADCamp a few weeks ago, Addison Berry asked if I'd be willing to participate in a podcast on project management. I am a process geek having spent years working with 100s of developers, product managers, executives, clients, and project managers across the arts, government agencies, non-profits, media companies, schools, sports, and retailers. This has made for so many different configurations of project management styles, methodologies, and personalities. I've learned from all of them. Project management is a series of communications, negotiations, and translations married with budgeting, planning, organization, and estimating.

Addison did a great job of moderating the group and I was extremely happy to be having the conversation with Seth Brown (Lullabot), Jerad Bitner (Lullabot), and Drew Harteveld (Martha Stewart).

You can listen to the podcast on the Lullabot site.

Thanks for the invitation, it was a blast!

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