Drupal Association Elections 2016 - Reasons You Should Vote For Me

Submitted by matthew on Fri, 2016-03-04 15:40

When deciding on Board Positions for a non-profit like the Drupal Association, I try to be as logical as I can in determining who might be the best choice. A focus on skills, experience, and board needs helps me winnow down the field. As we get closer to voting in the election, it seemed like I should underline my skill set using this lens.

Vote in the Drupal Association Elections

Reason 1


  • Has the candidate had experience working in the non-profit space?
  • Has the candidate had board experience?
  • Does the candidate have educational background that supports the board's needs?
  • Does the candidate have work experience that supports the board's needs?

My background supports this.

  • Board of Directors for Drupal Association
  • Board of Directors for Crown Pointe Academy
  • Policy Committee for Crown Pointe Academy
  • 8 years of nonprofit management experience including grant making and board management
  • 2 University programs in non-profit management - one certification and a Masters Degree

Vote in the Drupal Association Elections

Reason 2

Community Interaction

  • Has the candidate been involved in the community through Camps, Cons, presenting, code contributions, and other kinds of participation?
  • Is he or she well known and trusted?
  • Have the interactions this person has had with the community been, on balance, positive?

I have a strong record on this - a sampling of interactions include:

Vote in the Drupal Association Elections

Reason 3

Technology and Opensource

  • How long has the candidate been involved with technologies that support Drupal?
  • How long has the candidate worked in Open Source?
  • How long has the candidate worked with Drupal itself? This doesn't necessarily mean coding - it means how long have they spent time in the space in their own discipline.

I have many years of experience.

  • 20 years in the technology space
  • 18 years in the open source space
  • 9 years in the Drupal community
  • 6.5 years as a small Drupal Agency Business Owner

Vote in the Drupal Association Elections

Reason 4

Diverse Roles, Connections, and Nationality

  • I consider elements like diversity of community member type (business, project management, developer, front end developer, marketer, site builder, evangelist - this list goes on and on)
  • Ethnicity
  • Place of residence

I have more subtle connections here.

  • Canadian, British, and US National
  • Business Owner
  • Project Manager
  • International Teams at Examiner.com and Pfizer

This fourth reason is very important, however, our number one goal on the board must be good governance. The board has a fiduciary responsibility to lead the organization effectively. This is a legal responsibility and should not be taken lightly.

I think when you look on balance, my well rounded experience makes me the perfect candidate to continue serving on the Drupal Association Board as your At-Large representative. I very much hope you'll support me when voting starts March 7th.

If you would like me to remind you to vote come election day, please signup here: http://eepurl.com/bQ7P5T


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