Drupal Association Board - An Open Farewell.

Submitted by matthew on Wed, 2016-03-23 08:42


In November of 2013 I cycled onto the Drupal Association Board. I was excited to be taking part in an organization that had supported the way I had chosen to make my living over the last few years. I knew many of the other board members quite well. The term was for one year - which seemed very short to me. I had worked with other Non-profits, on and with other Non-profit boards, and knew that one year was barely enough time to get up to speed. Still, there was opportunities for me to help steer the organization. Early on, I was involved in reworking the Association's Vision, Mission, and Values. Later, I helped update the bylaws to increase elected board member's terms to two years and at the same time, shifted the dates which elections were occurring. That is the reason my one year term has become closer to two and half. I also worked with the board to establish term limits on appointment members. There are lots of other things that I've been involved with over the last two and half years, but these shine out to me.

This year my term was due for expiration. I had hoped to extend my work with the Association by another two years. Let me share some numbers with you.

258 email messages

4 Blog posts

11 Facebook Posts

64 Tweets

157 Twitter Direct Messages

1 Mailchimp List

I worked hard to get the vote out, and many of my messages reflected my desire that the turnout exceed last year's. And it did, by 30%.

While I'm sad that the community didn't select me to represent them for another two years, I am extremely happy that there was a strong vote for diversity in an awesome growing space in the Drupal community. I'm pleased to congratulate Shyamala Ragaram as the newest Board member of the Association. I'm sure she will do an excellent job over the next two years.

Finally, thank you SO much for letting me serve the community over the last 29 months or so. It has been my honour and privilege to do so. Thank you to the Association Board for making me an integral part of the team. The experience has been awesome.

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