Day 10 - The Transition

Submitted by matthew on Sat, 2011-12-17 01:39

The last few days have pretty much been nose down to the grindstone coding like crazy for the development team. Days 5-9 were pretty much the same with a few exceptions.

Day 7
On this day the Epics and High Level User Stories were delivered and these helped define user stories that needed design artifacts. The project team started sifting through the stories to identify any pitfalls or problems. As the Technical Product Architect, I start to think really hard about approaches that we might be able take when we get down to the Drupal part of the implementation. Are there any contributed modules that might fit the bill? Sitting down with various Product Managers we began detailing how the product vision would technically be handled.

Day 9
Largely the user stories were delivered. As a team we really started doing a great job of reviewing individual stories. Certain members of the development team had their features code complete which opened them up to help review the stories that were being delivered. We started looking at wireframes.

During these two days, the Executive Committee were helping continue form priorities for the next Timebox.

Day 10
Today was a transition day. If you look at the first post in this series, you'll see that the days turned from blue to yellow today. This represents a handoff of the environment to the QA department to start reviewing code that has been completed and pushed to the staging environment. This transition is also the first day that the development team throws themselves largely into helping review stories and wireframes. It is early enough in testing that there are few defects being sent back for rework.

First draft comps for the next timebox are also due. In our case, wou can watch the directory synch as comp after comp are dropped making them available for the team to review. I've noticed that the transition day tends to be heavy on meetings. A sampling for example, today, had:

  • Three Scrums
  • One Scrum of Scrums
  • Part 1 of a Config Dry Run for a new set of features
  • Ideation for a new project that will lead to User Stories
  • A ticket system transition meeting
  • A reports meeting

The next three timebox days will finalise our user stories for the next time box with both the development and product groups. We will continue testing and reworks.

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