My Professional Journey

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Six months ago or so I joined Trellon after a long stint with I enjoyed the transition being the primary Project Management resource, Tech Team Lead, and liason to the Executive Committee on a single large project to CTO at a small development shop. The developers at Trellon are top notch and I want to thank them for making me feel welcome, taking my advice, and I'd like to believe coming out of the experience able to work just a bit more efficiently. I was recruited into the fold by Morbus Iff - truly a disembodied brain. Thanks Morbus, I appreciate it.

The Project Management Team of Stuart Broz and Avram Sand have been a pleasure to spend time with. I think the three of us did a great job of increasing efficiencies through use of best project management practices during my tenure. The Tech Leads - Chang Xiao, Fabian Franz, and Michael Priest - have shown terrific thinking through technical challenges in projects with creativity. I'll think back and smile about Munich - getting to know Artem, Vadim, and Vlad. John and Gil - my hopes are that you continue to grow as developers in your tenure with Trellon.

Finally, I want to take the opportunity to say thank you to Mike Haggerty and Bob White for allowing me to join the Leadership Team. I do hope that my contributions have and will continue to help the organization grow and evolve.

CRM Core, Trellon, and BADCamp

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Trellon LLCI had expected to get this blog post out far earlier. Unfortunately, I was one of the unfortunates that was stricken with the DrupalFlu this year at BADCamp. Turns out that quite a few people ended up getting sick. So, here we are two weeks out from the summits and I'm finally getting down to writing about what happened at the Camp.

CRM Core

I want to start out by calling out a community project I've been working on at Trellon. CRM Core has been piloted across multiple sites that Trellon has been working on. These pilots have helped the team really refine the framework and have led to a DEV release that the team is now using in public virtual code sprints.

CRM Core is a set of modules for managing contact records within a Drupal site, providing support for contacts, relationships and activities. It provides basic CRM system components and a framework for extending these components to build a custom system that will allow an organization to effectively meet their needs with respect to contact, relationship, and activity tracking.

Trellon - My First Two Months

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TrellonAbout two months ago I joined the Trellon team as CTO. There were tentative conversations shortly after I announced my departure from Examiner. Those conversations quickly became solid for both the Trellon team and me. After a week of great discussions, we all decided the fit was right. Since then, I've been enjoying merging my uniqueness into the Trellon culture.

I bring the last 13 years of my career to Trellon. I've spent that time defining, honing, and adjusting project/development processes across a wide variety of companies. I cut my teeth managing the builds of custom PHP MySQL applications. Then I fell head over heels with Drupal in 2006, fully transitioning to largely working with the platform in 2007. It was just in time for Drupalcon in Barcelona. That's when the magic really happened and I became part of the community.

Junior Developer Sought

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trellon logoRequirements:

Trellon is looking for a junior developer to join a team of incredibly talented and motivated of elite Drupal professionals. We need people who can:

  • Understand the goals and strategy behind each project from conception through completion. Our thoughtful, dedicated approach to working with clients is what sets us apart.
  • Write clean, well-engineered code that conforms with accepted standards within the Drupal community, and test web applications. Drupal Developers set an example through strong quality assurance practices in their day to day work.
  • Communicate effectively with project managers, technical leads, internet strategists, and other internal team members, as well as outside stakeholders. We want to maintain a positive, productive environment, and Drupal Developers are active in sharing knowledge across the organization and with our clients.
  • Identify opportunities for process improvement and make constructive suggestions for change. There is always a better way to do things, and Drupal Developers are instrumental in helping our team to become more productive.

My New Workplace - Trellon

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trellonA few days ago I wrote a goodbye post to I said I had an informal interview within hours of my first social network blast. That company was Trellon. We spent the next week getting to know each other by voice, through IRC, and Skype. A couple of friends who I have worked with in the past vouched for me. Over the course of that week a good rapport built between myself and the Trellon leadership.

It is my great pleasure to being joining the team later this month as Chief Technology Officer - work that I had essentially adopted while at I'm looking forward to the challenge - and I'll be writing a post in the near future about the job itself.

I want to thank everybody who pitched in to help me in my job search. Your warmth and support was amazing. Network - YOU KNOCKED IT OUT OF THE PARK. A special thank-you goes to Morbus Iff who made the introductions.

Finally, thanks Trellonauts! I'm thrilled.

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