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Gymnastics, 3000 BC, Munich and Drupal

Submitted by matthew on Thu, 2012-05-10 20:47

Drupalcon MunichHere we go again! Drupalcon Munich is just around the corner - August 20 - 24th. That may seem like a long time, but for a veteran of organizing one of these events, I can tell you that the work is ramping up rapidly. All my best to our friends and colleagues over the pond who are, undoubtably, working like crazy. I'm looking forward to enjoying the next convention not being behind the scenes.

Agile Gymnastics and Timebox Tumbling - A Hybrid Approach

Over the last few months I've presented on Agile Scrum twice. Once, as one of the Drupalcamp Austin Keynotes and a second time at Drupalcon Denver with my good friend Stacey Harrison. The presentation evolved from one of the events to the next. I've continued to wear my presenter hat and am ready to do Mark III on the topic of Hybrid Agile Project Management.

Learn from the experiences of's team. We've done it all - cowboy, waterfall, extreme, and agile scrum.

Learn why...

  • Waterfall doesn't always work
  • Agile has a place, but isn't the holy grail
  • Cowboy can kill the relationships you have with your stakeholders
  • How "Fixed Scope" is a lie
  • That a combination of approaches is the answer
  • The Examiner team has carefully honed, updated, improved, and iterated its process for over two years. It continues to evolve, improve, and make development more consistent and predictable.

Drupalcon Denver - My Wrap Up, an Insider's View

Submitted by matthew on Sun, 2012-04-01 18:21

Drupalcon Denver Group Image
Denver was my 9th Drupalcon. It was also the Con that opened my eyes. I became part of a very exclusive club and I'll never see another con in the same light.

Being on the Local Organizing Committee was exciting, exhausting, satisfying, and completely worthwhile. So, if you want to spend a little time with me looking back, I'd like that.

Many Many Months Ago
I heard a little yippee from the cube beside mine in the offices. It was a little nervous but definitely excited.

"Hey, hey Matthew. Pop onto #dcondtown."

I popped into the IRC channel and there was a little celebration going on. Denver had been selected for the North American Drupalcon in roughly 18 months. Contracts still needed signing - we were told to keep quiet. This needed to be SECRET until Drupalcon Chicago. But were going to start planning. We were a tiny team at this point - 10 or 12 of us.

We established a weekly meeting time - generally we would meet in Skype, although sometimes we would simply meet in IRC. We needed to finish doing things like:

  • Finalising the Venue
  • Figuring out the food
  • Organizing Partys
  • Line up local volunteers
  • Secure Hotels
  • Figure out our Social Networking Strategy
  • Build the Website
  • Fill the Website with Content
  • Organize Local Marketing and Communication
  • We had Local and Global Track Chairs
  • We needed to work out the Keynotes
  • We had massive amounts of signage to design
  • Badgelets

Drupalcon Denver - Matthew and the Manly Flowers

Submitted by matthew on Tue, 2012-03-13 22:03 is a very proud sponsor of Drupalcon Denver. Part of the sponsorship includes ads on the Drupalcon site. The team at decided to have some fun with them. Five members of the team were chosen to be "subjects" of each ad. I am the fifth subject in a series of five stories chronicling different community member's alternate time-lines. Or am I? Sometimes life is a stranger the Fiction. I bet you can weed through what is and isn't real.


matthew saundersIntroduction
Saunders sat at his little Macbook Air. He tapped away with the force of a small pony. He was writing short stories about people he knew, people he cared about, people who he respected. Square orange pictures were the starting point for each of the Drupal stories.

Saunders was a Drupal Cuckoo - he started as an outsider. To be honest, you could classify a lot of members of the Drupal community in the same way - but he really did come far afield. Years before, he had been heavily involved in the arts community and theatre communities. His degrees were not in Computer Science or in Information Technology. Saunders was an artist. He found technology by accident while working for an Experimental Dance Company in Ottawa called Le Groupe de La Place Royale. He was deeply saddened in 2009 when the company that started his obsession with technology closed.

What started him down the path was a wild and crazy live video project in a festival called "The Edge" - it changed everything and started a chain of events that brought him to Drupal in 2006 at think-tank style meeting.

Drupalcon Denver - Marc and the Shetland Pony

Submitted by matthew on Sat, 2012-03-10 19:40 is a very proud sponsor of Drupalcon Denver. Part of the sponsorship includes ads on the Drupalcon site. The team at decided to have some fun with them. Five members of the team were chosen to be "subjects" of each ad. Marc Ingram is the fourth in a series of five stories chronicling different community member's alternate time-lines.



"There's no place like home. There's no place like home", Marc muttered as he tapped his ruby slippers together and fiercely rubbed his Druplicon stress ball. The damned community had gotten him into this mess - but, frankly, it had also gotten him out of worse messes in the past. Toto jumped out of the basket and ran down the street directly at a man in a blue suit. "Oh Toto, I don't think we're in Kansas anymore!" Ingram quipped. This was because the man wasn't in a seersucker suit, a tuxedo, tailored, or even a cheap suit of the rack. This man, was more ball-like and alien than man-like. Who on earth was this and why would he put up with wearing the "ball"?

Toto sank his teeth into the man's svelt and hosed leg. The man screamed. Ingram looked down at his frock and cursed, "I blame the whole event on the 10 pints of beer I had...." The truth was, the beer had nothing to do with this situation. Fortunately, the situation had helped him focus on the "REAL Marc" - not the one in the pretty dress. He closed his eyes and slipped back into his happy place. That badass kick-boxing place. A place where his code reviews ROCKED and where he had pwned Drupal. A place where that damnable Toto had never come into his life.

The Allegory of Kévin DuPont

Submitted by matthew on Tue, 2012-03-06 19:58 is a very proud sponsor of Drupalcon Denver. Part of the sponsorship includes ads on the Drupalcon site. The team at decided to have some fun with them. Five members of the team were chosen to be "subjects" of each ad. Kevin Bridges is the third in a series of five stories.

Kévin DuPont was the gatekeeper and blacksmith in the Town of Master's Branch. Not only did he create the things that held the town together - nails, hammers, picks, and saws, but he also watched carefully to ensure the evil and dark mole creatures could not, would not ever enter the town.

He was named DuPont because his father had build the one and only bridge that crossed the mystical lake to the island. The island became a walled city - safe for all those inside, built stone by stone by the band of protectors. The bridge served as the one and only entrance to the magical town and was known as the Terminus.

The water surrounding the walls was filled with magic that repelled all those that didn't know the special key - the sorcerer's name and the sorcerer's secret words. This Halt Terminus Access spell was designed to only allow those who knew the special words a way in. Those who were granted access would experience such wonders! The city was full of flowers, fine tapestries (made from the fur of chipmunks, river otters, and voles), and libraries full of books. All of these wonders were discoverable by the Indices of Mongo the Great.

Mongo was one of the greatest magicians the creator had ever brought forth. His speed was beyond compare. He had an older brother - a brother who had been relegated to the basest of functions in the town. He would wake the town up if the town ever slept. He was responsible for each of the doors in the town. He kept the town census. My Sevinus Quirrel was often known simply by his initials - he quietly kept things running in the background.

Drupalcon Denver - The Strange Tale of Morbus Iff

Submitted by matthew on Sun, 2012-02-26 20:05 is a very proud sponsor of Drupalcon Denver. Part of the sponsorship includes ads on the Drupalcon site. The team at decided to have some fun with them. Five members of the team were chosen to be "subjects" of each ad. Morbus Iff is the second in a series of five stories.

morbusAn Introduction
There really is no translation for so much of what I'm writing here. I'm doing my best to take something that is so very alien to the human mind and make it digestible and give it context so we, such a small creature tucked inside of itself, can begin to fathom the story of Morbus Iff. His (its/her) species is nothing like we are accustomed to - but, it turns out, they are very very adept with PHP. So bear with me dear reader, as I weave the Strange Tale of Morbus Iff and how he came to develop on Drupal.

Part I - The Seedling
The Seedling had the beginnings of a conscious mind. The very start. The beginning murmurs. A speck of thought. The Seedling was nestled in its incubation node, floating in a warm slurry of nutrients. At this point the Seedling had no name - just an attribution of numbers associated with the incubation node. A name would be assigned based on the order in which the Seedling emerged from the pod and began consuming information and food outside of its current dwelling. This was known as the Extensible Mandible Line - Reproductive Pod Conduit, providing input for the little larvae to survive. Little did it know that it would become central to the most important Content Management System a creature called Homo Sapiens would ever know all those millions of light years away.

Drupalcon Denver - Who is the REAL Rok Zlender?

Submitted by matthew on Sat, 2012-02-25 21:20 is a very proud sponsor of Drupalcon Denver. Part of the sponsorship includes ads on the Drupalcon site. The team at decided to have some fun with them. Five members of the team were chosen to be "subjects" of each ad. After they were done, it seemed it would be fun to include a back story for each.

Disclaimer: THIS IS FICTION. Nothing here bears any kind of truth.
It is complete and utter nonsense.

Rok Zlender makes an audacious claim. He tells us he has been attending Drupalcons since 2006. To debunk this claim, we have to travel back to rural United States in 1898. We need to travel to Damascus Virginia.

Part I - Chipmunks and River Otters
Rok's ancestors aren't from Slovenia as he claims. In fact, his grandfather, Roger Slender, attended the first school in Damascus. It was built just south of the railroad trestle across Beaver Creek. Roger loved "The Little Red School House" with its three rooms. Mr. Jones Baker was his teacher and he learned spelling, geography, and grammar. For three years he revelled in his studies and learned quickly. Roger was a bright student with a bright future ahead of him.

Then disaster struck.

The Little Red School House burned down in 1901. School resumed in the Lutheran Church and Roger's fate changed - and in a strange way would intertwine with Garrison Keillor's - the man that has made Lutherans funny. But that is another story that won't begin until 1942 and has little to do with the man we now know as Rok. Roger came to despise the tiny town - even today it has fewer than 1000 people - that stole his beloved Red School House. He refused to speak and was desperate to get away. Much to his parents dismay, he ran away from home and joined a travelling band of Appalachian Trail hikers who earned a living by selling woven coverlets that were made from the wool of river otters and chipmunks.

Drupalcon Denver - Feb 21, 2012 - LAST DAY FOR EARLY BIRD PRICING

Submitted by matthew on Tue, 2012-02-21 09:03

Want to save $50? If you're planning on going to Drupalcon Denver today is the last possible day to get in at the early bird pricing. At midnight Mountain Time, the price goes from $350 to $400. That extra $50 in Denver would a REALLY nice meal for a couple of people with drinks. It could get two people into the official party. It is an Association membership with $20 left over. Come on? What are you waiting for? REGISTER today to access more than 104 sessions including core conversations, three GREAT keynotes, more Birds of a Feather conversations than you can shake a stick at. That does not even include the networking opportunities.

If you register today, that comes to $70/day. That increases by $10/day tonight (February 21/2012) at midnight.


Drupalcon Denver - What's the ROI?

Submitted by matthew on Tue, 2012-01-24 00:49

Disclaimer: None of the following quotes reflects any specific individual, company, agency, or person.

From Corporate Land:

Why on earth would you need or want to go to this Drupalcon thing? It sounds an awful lot like your just going on a trip on the company's dime! Can't you just learn this stuff from a book?

If you want to go, you need to pay for it yourself and take vacation time.

From Agency Land:

We can't really afford to send all of you, how about we give you a fixed stipend to offset the cost. But we do really NEED all of you to go. Who knows who might be there who is looking for a job that you might be able to recruit. So, you all need to go.

From Independent Contractor Land:

Dear Husband/Wife - Drupalcon just seems like an excuse for you to spend our travel money. Why should you get to go to [insert city here]? And twice a year? We simply can't afford for you to do this!

So, what is the return on investment by going to Drupalcon? How will your experience change over several Drupalcons? What are the best reasons you can give your employer and/or significant other why you should go?

Drupalcon Denver Jobs - Sign Up Now!

Submitted by matthew on Mon, 2012-01-16 21:58

The time has finally come. You can sign up for volunteer jobs and time slots You may have received an email if you signed up previously on the general interest form or you expressed interest through Mailchimp. Sign up quickly for the spots you are interested in!

How can you help? We need tote bag stuffers, power strip placers and strikers, help desk helpers, and room monitors. What's in it for you? Well, first of all awesome karma and the knowledge you are contributing to our amazing community.

Not convinced? Well, you will also get a nifty t-shirt that calls you out as one of the elite - an awesome volunteer!

How do you sign up? Fill out the form below or go directly to the signup sheet.


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